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Through our strategic partnerships, our reach in multiple business avenues, allows us to provide you with career opportunities that hold no bounds. At BTS Global, we put our staffing knowledge with your technical abilities, and create a strategic plan for you to work at your highest level within your desired field. Here, we give you your opportunity to network and co-work with talented colleagues and industry leaders who support your professional growth and success!

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Highly Competitive Wages. We only hire the best IT professionals in the industry and ensure that our rates are highly competitive and in-line with the markets in which we serve. 


Be In Control.  BTS prides itself on developing our consultants to be extremely prepared for the workforce and tasks ahead.  We guarantee this by providing hands on training, establishing LinkedIn opportunities, resume building, and interview prep at our your disposal to enhance your job placement experience.  Within a year of signing on with us, we will invest in your next level of certification at super discounted rates ensuring not only your short term solid job placement, but long term development and growth in your career. 


Unmatched Referral Program. It definitely takes the best to know the best! We value integrity, collaboration and quality with each and every placement. 


Career Development Resources. See our library of downloads. Whether used on the job or for your own research, we want you to be provided with resources to keep your skills sharp and leave a lasting impression on our Clients. 

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