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BTS delivers quality services with well structured execution from idealization to MVP, and prototype to final product.


Our Mission

At BTS Global, we strive to provide Tech-based solutions to our clients' existing & novel problem statements. We are committed to continual innovations and exceeding industry standards and best practices.

Beyond the shores of North America, BTS also strives to meet our client's demands based in the regions of West, Central, East & Southern Africa. To meet regional African challenges, BTS thrives to bring forth tech-based solutions to well researched myriad of problem statements.

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Business Meeting

Our Philosophy at BTS is to veer away from "It Cannot Be Done Attitudes" by leveraging our vast international resources to bring forth solutions worth our customers satisfaction and requirements. At BTS we believe from a customer eccentric perspective that Every Idea Matters from theory to realistic implementations.


Our Approach is to apply a hybrid service model combining a Think Thank and a Consultancy approach towards delivering tech-based solutions and services to our customers. Leveraging our Think Tank DNA, we strive to deliver high quality services with a well structured execution from the Idealization phase to an MVP, and eventually towards a prototype and final product.

With our combined level of expertise and knowledge gained from top Fortune 500 Industrial & Digital enterprises, we leverage industry know-how towards meeting our customters' requirements.

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