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Email Security Orchestration and Automation Response Platform

Email threats get more sophisticated every year. Worrying percentages make it past your secure email gateway (SEG) and into your users’ inboxes, while social engineering attacks increasingly target your high-risk users. 

The 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report shows email alone is the highest cause of data breaches. Researchers at ArmorBlox recently reported that 56% of all attacks bypass your legacy security filters. The upshot? Legacy email security layers let these digital time bombs slip into the inboxes of your users.

Proactive Protection Against New and Evolving Phishing Attacks.

This solution was developed to help you supercharge your organization’s email security defenses and is an additional final layer after your existing SEG and other cybersecurity layers fail.

This product arms you with this final layer of security through two primary capabilities:

  • Blocklist entries of validated threats crowdsourced from 10+ million trained users are leveraged to automatically block matching new incoming messages from reaching your users’ inboxes. This continually updated threat feed is managed with your Microsoft 365 mail server.

  • Messages that match an identified phishing threat other customers have "ripped" from their organization's mailboxes are then validated by the Threat Research Lab. These messages are automatically quarantined by removing them from all of your users’ inboxes.

*BTS Global customers have access to discounted pricing.

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