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SecurityAdvisor for BTS Global customers

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What is Security Advisor?

Personalized Security Awareness Platform

SecuirityAdvisor provides the only personalized security awareness platform that quantifiably reduces security incidents. The patented platform, Graphene™, integrates easily with existing security infrastructure to deliver real-time coaching for each employee, teaching them how to identify and remediate cyberattacks and help security teams better measure the ROI and effectiveness of their training initiatives.


Research shows that the #1 reason for cyber claims are human actions. BTS Global and SecurityAdvisor are partnering to help BTS Global customers stay safe and avoid human actions that lead to cyber incidents.


BTS Global combines expertise with cybersecurity and data talent to deliver clear, effective solutions to protect you from the cyber-risks of today—and tomorrow. All BTS Global customers receive a Security Credit that can be put toward security products and services like SecurityAdvisor.

*BTS Global customers have access to discounted pricing and we have 3 major bundles available for BTS Customers.

Our Clients and Partners

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