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Innovative Business Solutions for a Competitive Edge

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Robust Collaborative tool

CollabNow is the only fully encrypted video conferencing platform offering truly unlimited and uncapped premium meetings for free.

This tool is considered to be the best video collaboration platform when compared to others in the market. Their Multi-User Multiple-Screen sharing, recording with an ability to customize and share, Conversational Insights, and Optimize Bandwidth allowing users to be in the meeting even at their low network has played a significant role for our meetings. Additionally, their engagement and providing exceptional customer service allows us to stay connected internally and with our customers.


Sharing our screens makes it more easy with the help of this collaborative tool.

It is helping our organization to connect with the other employee's screen in just a fraction of seconds. Really thanks to its backend processing that makes the connection very fast in a very efficient manner.

*BTS Global customers have access to discounted pricing.

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